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There is a growing need and a thriving industry that is demanding professionally qualified life coaches.

Choosing the right Life Coach Training course will significantly impact your ability to give your clients the best and most effective solutions that you possibly can.

Our Life Coach Training is NOT for everyone.
This training programme is by far the most academically rigorous and demanding, as we choose to work with people who are simply serious about making a difference and want to contribute to the happiness, success and wellbeing of their clients.

There is growing academia in the Science of Coaching and this course is at the leading edge.
There are several core areas that a coach needs to cover which are listed below. You can then also specialise and complete a PhD with us if this is what you would like to do.

If you are interested in becoming a Life Coach and you want to make an informed decision about the kind of Life Coach you want to be and the kind of Life Coach Training you want, then fill in your details on the right, now wait for our autoresponse email or call us on 021 813 9919 to set up a FREE intro session.

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